Samantha Mahon

My eldest daughter was 6 and so afraid of the water when we started lessons with Christine. She was so afraid of water that she didn’t even like showers because the water touched her face (don’t worry we did bath her instead). Within one and a half terms of Christine’s swimming lesson’s my daughter was not only in the water treading water without holding onto anyone(only a back float on)and moving up and down the pool, she was also jumping in and sitting on the bottom of the pool at the shallow end. My husband and I were in shock. She went from hating the water to counting the sleeps to her next swimming lesson. We had tried other swim schools and she cried through every lesson.
Christine’s classes are small and the pool is heated and the kids get so much one on one attention that they always feel safe and supported in the lesson and the lesson is fun too, which is so important. My two younger girls also have lessons with Christine and I honestly could not recommend her swim school highly enough.

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