Learn to Swim

My aims as Swimming Teacher is based on my 25 years experience. This means Building Trust with each other and yourself, Instill Confidence with the student in the water and Develop Independence as a student to perform in the water.


My classes are designed to focus on the most important aspects of any swimming lesson, their safety,  and to learn to enjoy the water in a fun loving environment.

Your child’s water confidence and strength will grow based on my methods of simple drills and water games. floating,submerging,and blowing bubbles.


Strokes will only be introduced into the classes when I feel that they are 100% water safe and can confidently move through the water. At this stage the main 3 factors are cognitive skills, age of the child and coordination.

Basic drills are used to introduce to strokes which this allows the child to focus on their strengths and weaknesses, but is a gradual development of the stroke.

My main focus initially is freestyle and a gradual introduction to backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, but always recapping on freestyle in the session. The transition into more advanced stroke development squads is recommended when I feel that they are ready to maintain stamina, focus, , and endurance whilst maintaining their technique